Bertrand Goldberg Architecture of Invention Exhibition Info < 5/6 >

Chicago Illinois The design of the exhibition is intended to reference the work of the subject architect in its form and geometry - later works are displayed in a space with undulating walls reflecting Goldberg's late-career fascination with curvilinear geometries; older works are displayed in a rectilinear gallery space reflective of the more orthodox modernism of Goldberg's early career.

Upon entering the exhibition space, visitors first encounter a curved wall of board-formed, glass fiber-reinforced concrete referencing one of the architect’s signature materials to identify the exhibition. From there, the work unfolds in reverse chronology, starting with more familiar work, continuing on to the earlier work before coming back to the better-known material. In a subtle material reference to an earlier area, portals in the thick exhibition walls are clad in mirrored glass; projects hung in adjacent gallery sections are reflected in the mirrored glass to offer a glimpse of upcoming material and to subtly suggest connections between projects. As visitors move through the space, these portals frame important works that introduce each new area of the exhibition. Walls in each exhibition section are alternately painted white and charcoal to give a rhythm and structure to the spatial sequence.