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Chicago Illinois The Chicago River Rowing & Paddling Center is comprised of a 7,200 square foot boating center and surrounding landscape improvements that anchor an existing river walk along the Chicago River in downtown Chicago and provide a threshold of entry to Chicago’s lakefront. The boathouse is comprised of three parts: a boat storage area, an outdoor covered area where boats are prepared for launch and storage, and an area enclosing office and support spaces. The structure, approximately 450’ long, rests on a concrete slab-on-grade and is enclosed with a translucent polycarbonate to maximize natural day light and provide views of the brightly colored rowing shells from the river walk, announcing its function. Lit from inside, the building emanates a soft glow and serve to light the surrounding area, making it safer for pedestrians at night. The boating center and integrated landscape improvements combine to create an environment that honors the river and creates an urban experience unique to Chicago.