Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory School Info < 6/6 >

Chicago Illinois This private high school in a poverty-stricken neighborhood of Chicago is based on the Jesuit educational concept of Corus Personalis, or care of the whole person. The school is conceived of as a body with chapel, library, gym and dining hall serving as the vital organs of heart, mind, lungs, etc. The L-shaped building forms a courtyard with an existing middle school already on the site, and is comprised of a 3-story academic wing connected to a one-story gymnasium/auditorium (to allow construction phasing). The building sits directly on the property line to directly engage with the community it seeks to root itself into and to maximize the green space. Students in the school work one day a week at a job to offset the cost of their education, and the school uniform is business attire; the building’s façade of multi-colored fiber-reinforced cement panels and playful window rhythms serve to give identity to this business-like approach to education. A chapel anchors the east end academic wing and is day lit from a skylight monitor rising three stories; glass block, in a random pattern, surrounds the chapel space on three sides. Custom Stations of the Cross panels are integrated into the building’s façade.