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This 5,600 square foot home in the desert near Palm Springs is designed to respond to the opportunities presented by climate for indoor/outdoor living. The glazed main living space is framed by three enclosed volumes housing service (garage/kitchen), master suite, and guest wing. Glass walls on the west wall of the living room retract and pocket into a centrally-located fireplace volume, opening up the living room to the pool area in one large living zone. The entire house rests upon a travertine stone plinth that unites the indoor and outdoor living spaces. A wide overhanging roof provides shading from the desert sun; it floats above the solid-walled volumes comprising the house to bounce reflected light into the main living space and allow cross-ventilation. The materials palette is selected for thermal mass; concrete and stone surfaces absorb heat during the day then re-radiate the heat in the cool desert evenings to moderate the temperature of the house and reduce energy use. Lush landscaping provides privacy and further mitigates heat gain from the desert sun.