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New Taipei City Taiwan Comprised of a series of horizontal, floating "plates" that slip back and forth, this project seeks to create an environment where art and life are intertwined and inseparable. Arranged at various distances from each other and separated by glass, the floating plates engender a space that is light-filled, relaxed and open, and quite unlike the traditional inwardly-focused hermetic museum; this one orients itself outward to the city and its people to welcome them and invite their participation.

Extending up through the building are a metal mesh-clad collection tower and clay-clad service cores. The collection tower serves as storehouse and supplemental exhibition area; its mesh-cladding a surface on which art and films can be projected; it culminates above the building in an iconic vertical element in the landscape. The service cores, whose clay cladding references the history and the local ceramics industry, serve as navigating devices inside the building, directing visitors to a diverse system of vertical circulation that make the museum an enjoyable space to move through.