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The SuperElevated project proposes a new, more sustainable, transportation system for Chicago that incorporates train, electric car, bicycle and pedestrian modes of travel. Using the Loyola red line "L" stop as a testing ground, the project images a suspended monorail train system for Chicago employing magnetic levitation for speed and noise control. The upper surface of the rail structure supports a multi-lane surface conduit for bikers, runners, and other modes of personal transportation, making sustainable transit to and from the city center more enjoyable and efficient.

Adjacent to the tracks is a sixteen-story Car Share Tower, where residents and visitors can access electric-powered Smart cars for short-term rentals, returning them at other "L" stops throughout the city. Together the station and tower frame an urban public space for relaxation, spontaneous social events and street performances, proposing a new kind of public social space as part of Chicago's sustainable future.