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Geneva Switzerland The design uses the unique shape of the site and solar orientation to respond to climate and user needs. A glass curtain wall is shingled in both plan and section around the building; mirrored verticals between the "scales" serve to passively reflect desirable morning daylight into the building along the south facade while shading the interior spaces from undesirable western sunlight in the late afternoon. Operable metal louvers concealed below the glass scales ventilate the building naturally, and allow the building to “breathe” without obstructing daylight and views.

The sculptural character of the shingled-gl ass façade is accentuated by the gently-curving geometry of the site, allowing the building to take on different characters depending on the viewer’s perspective. Viewed from the west, when only the mirrored stainless panels and glass edges are visible, the building will look virtually opaque. From other perspectives, the façade will mirror the ever-changing sky, reflecting the climate which inspired its design.