Urban Model High School Prototype Info < 7/9 >

Chicago Illinois This compact urban high school prototype, intended to fit on a single Chicago city block measuring 266’ x 600,’ is organized into three thematic components: body, mind and spirit, that relate to the various programs and activities within the school that comprise the curriculum: classrooms (mind), athletics (body) and library/arts (spirit). The kit of parts strategy can be adapted to specific sites. Inside, the space planning stresses adaptability and flexibility that we had previously explored in other projects, with main public spaces serving multiple functions. The gymnasium, with deployable seating for sporting events, converts to an auditorium via separate deployable theater seating. An adjacent multi-purpose space can be adapted to changing needs (music recitals, art exhibitions, dance studios and lectures). The architect proposed space sharing with the community when school is out of session to promote community engagement and maximize public investment; thus, the library can be entered directly through the reading garden; likewise, the pool and gymnasium can be entered directly from the adjacent park.