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Eric serves as a design team member at JRA working on a wide variety of projects from single family residences to large institutional and commercial mixed-use projects. Prior to his time at JRA, Eric worked on large mixed-use office and residential projects at offices in Chicago. Eric has an innate gift for material exploration and a fascination with craft and making - from the weaving of a Native American tapestry to the crafting of Japanese raku ware. His professional interests include construction systems and assemblies. Eric was born in Hong Kong and moved to Chicago at the age of 17 where he finished high school. He received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and upon graduation was awarded the Schiff Foundation Fellowship by the Art Institute of Chicago, an annual prize given to the best project produced by an architecture student in Chicago. Eric has traveled extensively throughout the world visiting ancient historical sites, and in his free time can be found playing pick-up soccer games, enjoying green tea ice cream and reading Stephen Hawking.



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John Ronan- Principal of John Ronan Architects