The firm conducts research in parallel with our design production across five knowledge "platforms":

New/Hybrid Building Typologies
This new building typologies platform was created to develop knowledge involving emerging, evolving and hybrid building program typologies in response to societal changes and advances in technology.

Spatial Urbanism
This platform is developed to explore urban spatial conditions which blur the distinction between inside/outside, public/private, building/city which enrich the public realm and add complexity to the urban spatial experience.

This platform is created to develop knowledge related to materials, fabrication techniques and novel building construction assemblies with investigation encompassing material properties, economics, durability, constructability, sustainability, and cultural impact.

Building Performance and Sustainability
This platform seeks to develop knowledge in the area of building performance, skin technology and human comfort, and to establish design frameworks which interrogate the economic, social, and ecological sustainability of architectural production.

Habitat Futures
This platform explores new modes of living brought about by changes in demographics, technology, climate, resources, global urbanization and social change, and seeks to develop knowledge regarding the impact of these changes on human habitation and the built environment.